Dad in China

Dad stayed in Kunming nine months after the Reds had taken the city. He built a boat from wooden packing cases and was able to visit and preach in villages along the shores of the Dianchi Lake. Dad's boat on the Dianchi Lake, Kunming. On many nights Dad heard the fighting between the Reds and … Continue reading Dad in China

The Red Shoes

Our family had escaped from China in December 1949. We arrived in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with mother in January 1950. Dad stayed in Kunming for a long time. I don't remember any of my feelings from the time we were separated. Old photographs help me recollect fragments of stories from China. My mother's many letters … Continue reading The Red Shoes

Elsa Beskow – Trail Marker

Some stories we read or hear in childhood make an impact beyond what the storyteller or writer ever imagined. Many stories did that to me. But one particular story from my childhood was like a trail marker at specific points in my life, even though I did not realize it at the time. We … Continue reading Elsa Beskow – Trail Marker

Why don’t we go home to Grandma’s?

“Why don’t we go home to Finland now?” That was a question my older siblings asked our mother each time we moved out of the latest temporary home. Mary asked that question in September 1947 when we were deck passengers on a crowded river steamer on the Yangtze river, fleeing the war in Manchuria. In … Continue reading Why don’t we go home to Grandma’s?

In memory of Author Jean Arasanayagam

Jean Arasanayagam 1931 - 22019 I was to send a different story as my first post on my new website. Instead, I was in the hospital for two days. While there, I read the sad news, “Celebrated poet, writer Jean Arasanayagam passes away.” My friendship with Jean began in a very unusual way. We had … Continue reading In memory of Author Jean Arasanayagam